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Trading multiple asset classes globally
Agamemnon Trading - A Multi Asset Trader
Welcome to Agamemnon Trading, based outside Oslo, Norway, a former licensed Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA), now a closed, private investment vehicle. Operating through a global perspective within multiple asset classes with the aim to average double digit returns on an absolute basis. Well aware of potential counter party risk, limiting downside portfolio volatility is paramount as capital preservation is the number one priority.
Trading in multiple asset classes, often referred to as macro trading, is common in English speaking countries, seeking out opportunities in the most liquid markets. Macro trading is less common in Scandinavia where the stock market is the most widely participated market.
This site is primarily about sharing ideas and thoughts on the markets as well as best practices.
Look out for new blog posts in the future!
Courses and webinars will occasionally be arranged, mostly in Norwegian.
Asset class 01
Mid to mega caps
Asset class 02
Equity indices
Interest rates
Asset class 03
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