Company Profile

Agamemnon Trading, a former licensed Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA), now a closed, private investment vehicle based outside Oslo, Norway. Operating through a global perspective within multiple asset classes with the aim to average double digit returns on an absolute basis. Well aware of potential counter party risk, limiting downside portfolio volatility is paramount as capital preservation is the number one priority.

The name Agamemnon, pronounced aga-mem-non, is inspired from the British warship, HMS Agamemnon (1781), a 64-gun third-rate ship of the line of the British Royal Navy. A ship the future Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson' captained and also known as his favourite ship. The HMS Agamemnon was built and launched at Bucklers Hard on the Beaulieu River in 1781, surrounded by the picturesque New Forest, outside Southampton, UK, a lovely area worth a visit! ​

The CIO Alex Laan, began managing outside money at the age of 24 (2006) starting with 30MNOK and later increased. During his 11 year spell with the Haudemann Andersen family, he enjoyed a free mandate allowing him to trade futures and stocks around the world. Before this, while completing his Bsc at the BI Oslo Norwegian School of Management, he led the student Investment Group with great success. During his time at business school he also held courses on charting stocks & futures and money management in collaboration with going on for several years later, a skill he recently brought up again.

Bringing to the table more than a decade worth of experience and the humbled benefit of surviving numerous mistakes.

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