Trading journal
-worth considering

Analysing business data is quite common in an increasing number of industries with good reason, it helps improve decision making and profitability as decisions can be based on facts rather than on opinions. Becoming process oriented and data driven may sound disconcerting for many investors, fortunately the truth is quite the opposite as keeping a journal has finally become easy!

The added advantage from the insights offered by maintaining a trading journal, are comparable to business data. Thus, I would encourage traders to try this out regardless of which end solution you opt for.

Reading the old Market Wizards books, it was not uncommon by those interviewed to keep ring binders full of charts with handwritten comments. It certainly increased awareness, yet not systematic to the extent a digital journal offers today.


​Discover your strengths and weaknesses, why waste time doing the same faults over and over again?

Edgewonk is the software I've embraced myself due to various reasons.


Below I've have made some suggested custom made comments:


  • Buy/sell setup

  • Chart pattern

  • Time frame

  • Bias

  • High volume / low volume

  • Faulty setups

  • Accelerating earnings growth quarterly / annually

  • Low / High growth

  • High / Low P/E

  • Price/Book <1

  • Cyclical / non-cyclical

  • Type of industry / segment

  • Big cap / Mid cap / Small cap

  • General market state at entry

  • Ill prepared

  • Forgot to check earnings dates

  • Stop within intra day or on close?

  • Buying downtrends

  • Buying IPO's which don't work

  • Lack of sleep

  • Skipped breakfast

The options are endless and very helpful to increase self awareness.


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Best wishes for self awareness and profitability!

*I do get a modest kick back for sales, but I use Edgewonk myself.